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weatherTAP app

What are some of the features of weatherTAP app?

  • Current Forecast displayed for any area in the nation.
  • The capability to follow tornadoes and super cells with pinpoint precision using animated, interactive, real-time radar that is seamlessly integrated and scalable on friendly, familiar maps.
  • Data overlayed on Google Maps.
  • Storm tracks show the current location and path of each storm cell. Expected locations are continuously plotted at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.
    • Storm Cell Identity
    • Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS)
    • Mesocyclone Strength (Meso)
    • Probability of hail and severe hail (POH, POSH)
    • Maximum Hail Size
    • Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL)
    • Reflectivity in dBZ
    • Height of the maximum dBZ
    • Echo Tops (height of storm cell)
  • Severe Warnings
    • Tornadoes (red polygons)
    • Severe Thunderstorms (yellow polygons)
    • Flash Floods (green polygon)

    Preferences on Zoom View the maps in standard, satellite, or hybrid mode.

    Forecast on Zoom Just tap and hold to get current conditions and the five-day forecast for any U.S. location.

    Navigate the Map on Zoom Zoom, pan, and scroll.

    Add a Favorite Location on Zoom Store your favorite location for quick navigation.

    View Current Location on Zoom View your current location automatically on the map in relation to the weather around you.

Try weatherTAP absolutely free, no credit card required
Try it absolutely free,
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