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What are storm tracks?

Nexrad radar sites analyze data from each volume scan to identify storm cells. Each identified cell is assigned an alphanumeric identifier and certain attributes of that cell are tabulated. When selected, RadarLab HD graphically plots the storm cells along with a predicted track. The identified center of the storm cell is plotted as a centroid symbol with the cell identifier printed below. If a cell has been tracked for more than one volume scan, a "track" will be plotted showing the direction of cell movement. Dots along the track indicate predicted positions at 15-minute intervals up to 1 hour. Newly identified cells will have a centroid, but not a track since speed and direction has not yet been determined. You can change the size and color of the storm tracks by clicking on the "Storm Table" button. Below is an example of a storm track.

Storm Track

Different types of storm tracks can be displayed with different colors. There are four different types of tracks; "TVS", "MESO", "Hail" and "Other". The "TVS" is a storm cell that has a Tornadic Vortex Signature associated with it. The "MESO" is a storm cell that has a Mesocyclonic Signature associated with it. The "Hail" is a storm cell that has a probably of hail associated with it. All other storm cells fall in the "Other" category. The color for each type of storm cell can be changed by clicking the "Storm Table" or "Settings" button.

Storm track filtering can also be set by clicking the "Storm Table" button. This allows you to set up certain parameters that a storm cell must meet if it is to be displayed.

You can place the mouse cursor over the storm cell centroid and the storm cell information will be displayed in a tool-tip format. If the storm cell has been moving, then a Storm Path Estimate will be displayed as well. This shows and estimated time that this storm cell might impact a given city if the storm cell stays at its current speed and on its current path. Below is an example.

Storm Track Tool Tip

All RadarLab products have storm tracks available.

What about Hurricane tracking?

  • Track hurricanes with from formation to landfall.
  • View high-resolution Level II radar, captured live with RadarLab HD.
  • Access current NWS watches, warnings and advisories.
  • View five different tropical satellite images, including the Caribbean.
  • Animate images for visible, plus IR4 and water vapor (including enhanced).
  • See the storm's current position and forecast track.
  • Read local hurricane statements from the National Weather Service.

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