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Severe Weather Alerts by Text Message or Email

Warnings for Tornado, Flood, and Thunderstorms

Severe weather alerts sent to your cell phone via a text message.

Severe weather alerts sent to your cell phone via a text message by filling out a simple form by entering the 10 digit number of up to two cell phones that you want the severe weather alerts sent to. Type in the 10 digits without dashes or parentheses (Ex. 2125551234). Then select your cell phone carrier from the selection list. When a severe weather alert has been issued for one of your selected counties, a short message about the alert will be sent to your phone.

Receiving alerts by Email

You can also have severe weather alerts emailed to you as well. Just enter the email addresses you want the severe weather alerts sent to separated by commas. When sending the severe weather alert to an email address, the message text will not be shortened like it is for a text message. Instead, the full severe weather text will be emailed to this address. Make sure the email address of is added to your address book or the alert emails could get flagged as spam by your email software.

Frequently asked questions about text alerts

  1. How do I stop receiving text message or email alerts?
  2. To stop receiving text message or email alerts, un-check the "On/Off" check box that is listed next to the cell phone number or email address.

  3. There was severe weather in my county, why didn't I receive an alert?
  4. If you did not get an alert, please note that only statements issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for the FIPS code of your selected counties will be sent to you. If the Meteorologist on the radio or TV stated there was "Severe Weather", this does not mean the NWS issued a severe weather statement for your county.
    Check your settings to make sure the correct counties are selected and that you have entered the proper cell phone number and/or email address.
    This could be attributed to other factors such as network outages, poor signal strength on your cell phone, server issues, etc. This messaging service should not be used as your one and only way of being informed about severe weather. You may not receive an email or text message until hours after it has been sent or you might not receive it at all. This depends on your cell phone and/or email network. This is just one of the limitations with this type of altering system.

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