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What is offered for aviators?

WeatherTAP offers a comprehensive suite of weather products for the professional and weekend pilot alike.

WeatherTAP's aviation-specific products give you a complete picture of atmospheric conditions. Traditional text products such as AIRMETs, SIGMETs, area forecasts, winds aloft, and pilot reports are provided, along with non-weather information such as NOTAMs.

What products are available?

  • Surface Analysis charts show frontal boundaries, high and low pressure centers.
  • Weather Depiction chart shows area of IFR and MVRF conditions.
  • Extended Weather Depiction offers zoomable, more detailed reporting of sky conditions, precipitation, and areas of IFR and MVFR conditions.
  • Complete AIRMET and SIGMET maps to accompany text issued by FAA.
  • Winds aloft plots are available from surface to FL390.
  • Jet-stream analysis chart shows upper air movements and velocities.
  • Forecast and Current icing potential shows you where ice is(current) and will likely be in the future(forecast). Coverage for altitudes from 3,000ft all the way to FL300. Forecasts to 12 hours.
  • Prognostic charts show areas of predicted IFR and MVFR conditions, precipitation, and frontal boundaries. Available separately as a composite.
  • Surface analysis charts, both national and regional. Plus, current conditions on the ground.
  • National and regional TFR maps show the location of Temporary Flight Restriction areas, critical information for every pilot flying in the post-9/11 skies.
  • TFR areas are available over-layed on VFR sectional charts, to be sure where the TFR zone boundaries are located.

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